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Collect Accurate Information

  1. Legal Description
    The deed, deed of trust, mortgage, or the settlement statement you received when you purchased the property are good sources for the Legal Description. 
    The Legal Description is not mandatory to list your property.

  2. Room Dimensions and Flooring Types 
    Measure each room in the property.  Bathrooms, closets, and hallways do not need to be measured.  Round down to the nearest foot.  Note the flooring type in each room. (Family Room 14x17 Carpet) 

  3. Lead Based Paint Reports
    Applies to home built prior to 1978.  If your home was completed before 1978 you must complete a Lead Based Paint Disclosure Form.  The Lead Based Paint Disclosure Form must be presented to the Buyer prior to ratifying a Sales Agreement. Each Seller is Required to Download and Complete the Lead Based Paint Disclosure Form if Their Property Was Built Prior to 1978 and Provide it to Realty.

  4. Disclose the Property Condition
    Seller must complete a Property Disclosure Form.  Virginia Law requires that a written residential property condition Property Disclosure Statement must be delivered to the prospective buyer or buyer’s representative on or before entering into a contract of sale. 
    Property Disclosure Statement - A statement by the Seller stating the condition of the property.  A Disclaimer or Disclosure statement is required.
    Each Seller is Required to Download and Complete the Property Disclaimer Form or the Property Disclosure Form  and Provide it to Realty.

  5. Floor Plans

  6. Survey

  7. Twelve Month History of Utilities. (Electric, Gas, and/or Oil)

  8. Recent upgrades. (Furnace, Roof, Flooring)

Is your home ready to Sell?

To get the most value for your  home it must be ready to show. Everything in your home should be in its place.

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What costs are associated with listing my home on

With, you will never pay more then 4% total commission to list your home. There are other closing costs that are charged independently by the Mortgage Lenders, Settlement Agent, County Government, and Inspection Firms that may apply to your sale.

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