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Is your home ready for sale?

To get the most value for your  home it must be ready to show. Everything in your home should be in its place.

1.  Enhance your Curb Appeal.

  • Replace any rotted wood. Apply a fresh coat of paint.

  • Clear your yard of toys, garbage cans and yard tools.

  • Prune and Trim shrubs and trees.

  • Mow your lawn. Remove any grease or oil spots on concrete.

  • Secure any loose walking stones.

  • Add to your landscape and mulch flower beds.

  • Add potted flowers near your front door.

  • Polish door knockers and handles.

  • Replace or repair light fixtures.

  • Replace your door mat.


2. Make your home Inviting.

  • Apply fresh paint to walls and trim

  • Clean and vacuum your floors.

  • Replace carpet as needed.

  • Polish or refinish hardwood floors.

  • Clean and open all blinds and drapes.

  • Replace burned-out light bulbs.

  • Add light to dark areas

  • Straighten closets.

  • Remove clutter, stacks of magazines, knickknacks, etc.

  • Wash linens and make beds.

  • Remove excess furniture to show space. (Foot Stools, Coffee Table)

  • Stage home.  (Plants, Lighting, Props)

  • Remove Odor causing elements. (Garbage, Pets, Litter Box)

  • Remove excess storage from basement.

  • Turn on all lights to light home during showing.




3.  Improve the interest of your Kitchen.

  • Wipe down all surfaces, including cabinets.

  • Refresh cabinets by applying stain to cover nicks and scratch.

  • Clear all your counter tops and put small appliances away in cabinets.  

  • Clear the refrigerator of magnets and papers.  

  • Set your island with a place setting.  

  • Add flowers to your table.  

4.   Refresh your Bathrooms.

  • Wipe down all surfaces.  

  • Refresh cabinets by applying stain to cover nicks and scratch.

  • Clear your vanity and put small appliances, cleaners and toiletry items away in cabinets.

  • Apply new caulk around your tub/shower and sink.

  • Replace shower curtains.

  • Polish your fixtures.

  • Hang fresh towels.