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Seller's Estimated Costs for Settlement

Property Address:

Offer 1 Offer 2

Type Financing :
__ FHA,VA,Conv)

Sales Price:
1._______________ 2._______________




How Computed


Interest to End of Month

Rate x Balance÷360 x Days to End of Month (ex   .07x150,000÷360x10)


Estimated Payoff 1st Trust

Principal Balance


Estimated Payoff 2nd Trust

Principal Balance


Early Payoff Penalty

Check with Lender


Purchasers Closing Cost

0%-3% as Agreed in Sales Contract


Brokerage and Financing


Listing Company Compensation

1% of Sales Price


Selling Company Compensation

3% of Sales Price


Discount on Sale of Note

Only on Seller Held Note


Loan Origination Fee

_% of Loan Amount or as Agreed


Discount Points/Buydowns

_% of Loan Amount or as Agreed


Lender Fees, FHA or VA Financing

$300-$500 VA or FHA Only


Other Fees

As Agreed in Sales Contract


Closing Costs


Settlement Fee/ Document Prep.



Release of Liens/Trusts

$75 Per Release, Each Mortgage


Other Fees


Recording Releases

$16 per Release (1  Each Mortgage)


Grantors' Tax

$1 per $1000 of Sales Price


Pest Inspection

Average $45




Property Owners Disclosure Package

$100 Each


Condo. Disclosure Package

$100 Each


Well and Septic Inspection

$190 for Fairfax County


Well and Septic Repairs

Varies and as Required


Home Warranty

$360 or as Agreed in Sales Contract

Total Estimated Cost to Settle

Sales Price


LESS: Total Estimated Cost to Settle From Above


(            )

(          )

Estimated Total Net Proceeds


LESS: Seller Held Trust


(            )

(          )

Estimated Total Net Proceeds